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An unusual growth on the sole of your foot may actually be a plantar wart. At Quantum Foot and Ankle Group, PC, experienced podiatrist J. Adrian Wright, DPM, MS, offers comprehensive treatment for pain or recurrent warts at the office in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Dr. Wright focuses on relieving your foot pain by removing the plantar wart with the latest minimally invasive techniques, including cryotherapy. To learn more about plantar wart removal, call or book an appointment online today.

Wart Removal Q & A

What are warts?

Warts are abnormal growths that develop on the surface of your skin due to an underlying infection with certain strains of HPV.

Plantar warts grow on your heels and feet when the HPV virus enters through cuts at the bottom of your feet. Pressure from your body weight can cause the skin over these warts to become thick and callused. While plantar warts aren’t usually harmful, they can bleed and become painful.

Many times, warts disappear on their own without treatment. However, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Quantum Foot and Ankle Group, PC if you have plantar warts that keep coming back or warts that are painful enough to interfere with your daily activities.

Painful warts can lead to unintentional changes in the way you stand or walk, which can cause further complications with your foot and ankle health.

How are warts diagnosed?

Diagnosing plantar warts usually involves a physical exam of your foot. Dr. Wright checks for black spots (small, clotted blood vessels) on the wart and evaluates any bleeding.

Dr. Wright may take a sample of tissue from the wart for further evaluation at a medical lab.

How are warts treated?

If you have plantar warts that won’t go away or become painful, Dr. Wright can design a treatment plan for your needs. He offers several in-office treatments for wart removal without pain or complications. Available treatments include:

Salicylic acid

For some warts, prescription-strength salicylic acid may be useful. Dr. Wright applies the acid to the wart to dissolve layers of the lesion. The acid can also trigger your body’s immune system to fight the viral infection. You may need a series of treatments to fully remove the wart.


Cryotherapy uses freezing technology to destroy the structure of the wart. Dr. Wright places a handheld device over the wart to deliver cold energy that breaks down the growth’s structure.

Micro excision

Micro excision is a minimally invasive surgical procedure Dr. Wright uses to cut away the growth and reduce your risk for recurrent plantar warts. He focuses on techniques to limit damage to surrounding skin and minimize your risk for scarring.

Custom orthotics

Dr. Wright can also recommend preventive tips to reduce your risk for recurrent warts. He may suggest custom orthotic shoe inserts to cushion weight-bearing areas of your foot and prevent plantar wart-related pain.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation and learn more about wart removal options, call Quantum Foot and Ankle Group, PC or book an appointment online today.