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The Quantum Atlas Program

The Quantum Atlas program was designed for certain patients with high deductibles and large out-of-pocket expenses as a part of their insurance plan. The program is currently by invitation only and provides its members with priority appointment scheduling, discounted concierge services, and various other benefits described below. Members receive a metal black membership card with a unique account number to be used when purchasing certain products or booking appointments. We recently launched an option for patients to purchase a membership for their families to be included in the plan. Please contact our office for more details.

Quantum Atlas members receive unparalleled benefits on services by all components of Quantum Foot and Ankle Group, including but not limited to: 50% off custom foot orthotics, 25% off all imaging modalities, and 35% off all procedures not covered by insurance. Additionally, members receive a complementary shockwave treatment regimen of 5 sessions (currently priced at $1250)

It is our goal at Quantum to ensure the optimal health of our clients. We feel that a balanced, healthy, active lifestyle is vital to success and well-being. With the Quantum Atlas program, we are empowered to help our clients meet these goals by all means available to us.